Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Program and Activities


Daily Swimming Instruction, small group and individual classes by American Red Cross certified swim staff, who are sensitive to children's special needs. Seven beautiful heated pools, each designed for a specific swim level and age group, allow for optimal safety, supervision, and personalized attention.


Camp Hillard Sports, where campers develop a wide variety of athletic skills in a positive and healthy atmosphere, where fun and learning go hand in hand. Utilizing proper sized equipment and fields, campers progress from basic skills to more advanced clinics, tournaments, and leagues.


Creative Arts, including traditional arts & crafts, jewelry & bead making, ceramics & pottery, and nature, led by a talented staff composed of teachers and professionals in the creative arts.


At Camp Hillard, our campers get the opportunity to experience a variety of exciting Performing Arts programs. Children participate in creative productions of theater, music, and dance, and present them at our outdoor amphitheater.


Campers also experience a variety of specialty activities including Mini-Golf, Creative Play and the Zip Line.


Our special events include our Carnival, Festival of Fun, Tribal Song & Cheer, Independence Day Celebration, Lollipop Hunt, Swim Special Events such as Crazy Dives and Swim Races, Talent Shows, Birthday Parties, Marshmallow and S'Mores Roasts, Ice Cream Parties, Capture the Flag, and Professional Shows.

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