Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Grouping and Staffing


In addition to the Libman Family, Camp is led by a team of 30 key staff members we call our Leadership Team. They are composed of the finest team of teachers, educators and leaders in the field of camping. Their primary goal is to make sure your child has the best summer ever!

Our Leadership Team is then complemented by Senior Specialty Staff and Group Leaders who are all teachers, coaches and adults with the experience to provide our high quality of instruction and supervision.


The creation of a highly motivated and exceptional staff has been one of the most important reasons for our success for over 90 years.

As such, our recruiting process is done very carefully. The Libman family takes great pride in selecting a quality and talented team of men and women. Throughout the winter and spring, the Directors conduct staff interviews. An essential quality is a mature and warm person who wants to make a summer commitment to work with young children. Having a background as a camper and/or counselor at camp is also important, as well as a demonstrated ability in several aspects of camp life. References and backgrounds on all potential staff members are also carefully checked.

Staff meetings throughout the year and our required staff orientation week in June ensure an effective program as well as a proper introduction to camp for our new counselors. Campers and parents look forward every year to meeting our directors and staff. Many of our staff return year after year.


As a leader in the camping profession, CAMP HILLARD set the precedent for stressing a camping environment that places children in small groups. In addition, our overall camper-to-counselor ratio of 3:1 provides the proper environment for individual instruction and personalized attention.

Our campers are placed in small groups according to their age, with two college-age or older counselors directly responsible for each small group, assisted by one high school senior or older. Counselors in charge of our 3 and 4 year olds are all adults and teachers.

Our Counselors are also supported by a large, experienced staff of mature Divisional Head Counselors, Group Leaders, and Specialists who help ensure that all camper needs are being met. Our Group Leaders, Divisional Head Counselors and Senior Specialists are all adults and teachers.

This unique way of grouping, scheduling, and staffing gives your child a full opportunity to play and learn.


Finally, our Directors are "in the field" throughout the day, making sure everything runs smoothly, and getting to know all the campers.