Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp
Camp Hillard

What Parents are Saying about Camp Hillard

I was a camper at Camp Hillard years ago and have the most amazing memories of fun, laughter, and just one of the best memories of my life. Now both my daughters go to Camp Hillard and have the same look on their faces that I had - Pure Happiness, and even more joy from their time spent in camp. But how could they not. Hillard has maintained that amazing fun, Joy and happiness that has been there since it started. The grounds are impeccable, the staff is professional, they are constantly improving on the fun and amazing experience by add NEW and Fresh activities, events and facilities. Yet all of this wouldn't be possible if it were not for the Hillard family, that takes the time to know each person on a personal level. Their love, care, concern for you as a Parent, but most importantly your child, cannot be found any where else! - Eileen B.

The quintessential day camp ! Every detail of this camp is thoroughly planned and executed. I sent all three of my children to this camp and I can say without a doubt, it is truly special. The camp provides a solid sports program, a spectacular theatre group, hands on nature department, swimming in state of the art pools, fun activities and events throughout the summer, a professional staff that is warm and fun, just to name a few - it has it all!!! - Robin D.

Camp HIlliard has been a MAGICAL experience for my daughters, JIllian and Jenna! It is the camp version of DIsney World! My girls will be returning for their 4th summer 2015! The staff is energetic, warm and FUN! I am proud to be a HILLARD MOM! - Mer G.

Camp Hillard is a fantastic camp with top-notch facilities and a warm, caring staff. The Libman family is well-known in Westchester for providing memorable summers for campers and piece of mind for parents, knowing that their children are safe and well-cared for. The camp also gives back to the community by hosting a charity event each year to raise money/awareness for a local non-profit and showing the children the importance of helping others less fortunate. We are happy to be part of the Camp Hillard "family" and hope to continue for many years to come. - Amy C.

My daughter has been a camper at Hillard for 4 years now. Most importantly, she is part of a family environment that is safe, friendly and nurturing. I always feel that she is well cared for when she climbs on the bus every day. Her counselors are attentive and friendly, communicating with me her progress throughout the summer. While at camp, she takes part in an amazing array of activities that has helped her to both develop important skills and just having great fun by the end of the camp day. An example would be how Hillard delivers a top notch swim program like I have never seen before! My daughter's swim skills have greatly improved since being at Hillard along with her confidence. Sports is another area that Hillard excels, providing expert skill instruction while also setting up sports league competitions for older campers. Finally, my daughter also can't seem to get enough of other activities at camp such as theater, gymnastics, nature, arts & crafts, and so many special programs they deliver during the summer. - Alan M.

Both of my children have gone to Hillard and just loved it. The camp is so well run and organized, the counselors are consistently attentive and nurturing, and the staff is responsive and communicates frequently with parents. Our out-going, non-sporty daughter thrived there as does our shy, athletic son. Can't say enough good things about the Camp and the Libman's who run it. - Jeanne F.

I visited this camp. The camp grounds are beautiful and I was impressed with the staff I met. There are many activities for kids to choose from including arts and crafts to swimming and events. I also appreciate the pick up and drop off schedules which makes the parent's lives easier. - Justin C.

My boys have been campers for the past 11 years (and one now a CIT) - great fun summer experience. Nurturing, strong swim program, competitive sports, a great all around camp. - Michele F.

I'm very grateful for the opportunities camp hillard has given my family and I. Over the winter I always hear how my daughters miss camp and want to go back in the summer. The maintenance of the camp, staff and food at camp hillard are also exceptionally good. - Gabriella I.

My kids went to Camp Hillard for 7 years. It was the most amazing experience for them. They truly saw it as their summer home, and the staff became like a family to them. They both started at 3 years old, and even though they are both at overnight camp now, Hillard was such a integral part of their childhoods. It is where they learned how to swim, be a part of a team, and it was a safe place where they could take risks and try new things that were out of their comfort zone. What an amazing, warm, nurturing place!! I recommend it without hesitation! Hillard embodies the old fashioned values that seem so hard to find these days!!! - Barry P.

My two kids absolutely love Camp Hillard. They have been going there for 6 and 5 years and look forward to going back all winter long. They wish the summer would never end and are always sad to leave when it's over. The Hillard swim staff is amazing and taught my kids to swim and have helped them improve their swim skills each summer. The transportation is great and we love the door-to-door service. The food is really good and there are always plenty of options if your kids don't like the main entree. Every summer the kids put on an amazing theatre production which is the highlight of the Visiting Evening. The sports programs are run by specialists that are experts in their sports and really teach the kids all the skills they need. The kids love the wide variety of activities and everyday we hear about a new adventure including nature, arts & crafts, mini-golf, pony rides, gymnastics, soccer, GaGa, tennis, basketball, swimming and my kids newest favorite - zip line. My kids have made friends that they look forward to seeing summer after summer. The facilities are immaculate. The highlight of my kids entire year is going to Camp Hillard and they can't wait for next year. - Karl D.

My son attended Camp Hillard for the first time this summer. I could not be happier with his experience. The staff was wonderful and the activities were varied and great. My son will only wear Camp Hillard shirts every day since because he says it reminds him of the best camp ever. He can't stop talking about mini golf, the water slide, international day (a highlight for sure), the food, and the friends he made and so much more. The thing that impressed me most was the swimming lessons. His swimming improved so much over a relatively short period of time that is was nothing short of magic! I can't think of a warmer or better environment for a summer camp. - Jamie G.

All three of my kids attended Camp Hillard as children and loved it. They made great friends and are all amazing swimmers (which was very important to me sincewe go boating a lot). When they were 13, they became CITs at the camp and then lifeguards. It really is a second home to my kids. - Caroline T.

Awesome day camp! My three sons have been loving Camp Hillard for the last 7 summers. Excellent swim program, great sports activities and fun trips. Beautiful grounds, very well run. Highly recommended. - Kimiko W.

Camp Hillard is a great day camp! This is my daughters first summer and she is having a blast. The counselors are very attentive and kind. The activities are fun and interactive. The swim program is especially great-well organized, detailed and fun! - Samantha C.

A combined 15+ years of athletic & energetic summers enjoyed by all three of our children. This family run camp has well organized activities that appeal to children of all interests. - Andrea T.