Camp Hillard, Scarsdale, New York Day Camp

Lunches and Snacks

Lunches are prepared by our professional kitchen staff and served daily. Campers are seated in a relaxed atmosphere in our air-conditioned dining rooms. The menu is well-planned and offers campers a variety of meals and nutritional options. A copy of the menu is sent home and can be viewed on our website.

Campers are encouraged to eat the main meal of the day complimented with salad and fresh fruit which are served daily. Substitute options are available and include assorted sandwiches, fresh bagels, yogurt and tuna fish salad. We are "nut free" and do not serve peanut butter.

Cookouts are planned weekly as a great change of pace. Campers love our Hillard burgers and Hillard dogs. Cookouts are held in a special location at our beautiful South Campus.

We also serve a mid-day snack and afternoon refreshments are served daily before the campers leave for home.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q. What can my child eat if he/she doesn't want the meal that is served?
Campers are encouraged to eat the main meal listed on the menu. However, a camper may instead choose a bagel or sliced white or whole wheat bread with cream cheese, jelly or butter, as well as turkey, turkey ham, bologna, salami, and/or American or Swiss cheese. We also have a sunflower seed butter (a peanut-free and tree-nut free product) that is available. Salad, raw veggies (carrots, celery, etc.) and fresh fruit are available daily. Blended yogurt, non-sesame hummus, and tuna salad are also available. Kosher hot dogs and cold cuts are also available upon request.

Q. Does someone make sure that my child eats?
Yes, your child's counselors eat with him/her and are expected to make sure that every camper eats lunch. Additionally, our Divisional Head Counselors and Senior Tribe Leaders are in the dining rooms to assist with any food related concern. We often hear parents say that their child is famished at the end of the day. We expect this! The kids have a very active day at Camp; however, we assure you that we do make sure our campers eat!

Q. It's a long day. Are snacks served at Camp?
Yes, every group has one mid-day snack and refreshments during afternoon assembly. The mid-day snack may be an item such as fresh fruit, cheese sticks, popcorn, baked whole grain Goldfish, pretzels, or cookies and milk. Our oldest campers enjoy their mid-day snack between activities. Afternoon refreshments are either an ice cream or an ice pop.

Q. How often are fruits and vegetables served?
Vegetables and salad are served every day. We try to choose things that "kids" like to eat. We serve fresh fruit for dessert daily in the dining rooms. Fruit is available at the cookout area as well. Watermelon, grapes, oranges, apples, cantaloupe, and bananas are among the selections.

Q. What is served at the weekly cookout?
Weekly cookouts are scheduled by tribe and are indicated on the group schedules. Campers have the choice of hot dogs or hamburgers every week during cookout. The meal also includes fresh raw vegetables like carrots and celery, some type of chips, lemonade, apple juice, or water to drink, and a frozen juice triangle for dessert. The substitutes noted above are also available at cookout.

Q. What beverages are served?
Throughout the week we offer a variety of drinks. Low-fat milk and water are served daily in the dining room. Skim milk is also available. At cookouts, campers are served water, apple juice, or lemonade. Additionally, campers are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

Please note: If you have a food allergy, please make sure you have completed a Food Allergy Form and spoken to Camp regarding the procedures required to ensure a safe eating plan for your child.

For your information...
• We do not serve pork or pork products at Camp.
We are "nut free" and do not serve peanut butter. No other products contain nuts of any kind.