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Our 2017 Summer Charity Event will take place beginning July 17.  All campers will participate in a fun science event during that week.  Any campers choosing to participate in the charity fundraiser can make a donation.  All money raised will be given to the Westchester Children's Museum.

The Westchester Children's Museum, located in the North Bathhouse at Rye Playland is a light-filled, colorful, vibrant learning space filled with hands-on exhibits not found anywhere else in this region. Since the Museum opened in March 2016, more than 40,000 people have experienced the amazing exhibits the Museum has to offer in physics, science, art, technology, and design, with places to climb, build, and explore.It is a place where children lead the process of discovery and learning while adults share the experience through their child's eyes. The Westchester Children's Museum is seeking to expand its ability to provide a welcoming and enriching environment for as broad an audience as possible, in particular those who need it most in our undeserved communities.

Next week all campers will participate in a fun and educational science projects provided by Westchester Children's Museum educators.  Any campers choosing to participate in the charity fundraiser can make a donation.  Your support will directly help those most in need of the Westchester Children's Museum's services. Money raised from our fundraiser will provide programming for underserved children throughout Westchester by providing field trips to the Museum and similar STEAM programs at local organizations that serve the underserved. Our goal is to offer the programming to Bright Futures Summer Day Camp, a camp for children living in shelters in Westchester

All campers donating at least $40 per camper will receive a very special thank you package.  This package will include a Camp Hillard/Westchester Children's Museum T-shirt as well as many other surprises.

In addition, any camper donation of at least $100 per camper will entitle the camper's family to participate in a raffle for a free summer for 2018.  These donations must be made this summer during the fundraiser.  The winner will be announced in the Winter Newsletter, and should the winner be someone who is not returning next year to Camp Hillard, they can give the award to a friend who is.

Thanks to Camp Hillard families, we have been very successful with our annual charity events over the past 22 years.  With your help and generosity, we will make this year's fundraiser the most successful ever.

To make a contribution, we recommend the following on-line link,

While we recommend the on-line method, you can also send in a check made out to Westchester Children's Museum. Please put your child's first and last name, and the Tribe and Group letter in the memo space on the check. The check can be given to the bus captain in an envelope marked "Charity check" or similar.

Thank you.

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